But I am inspired to “Just be…”

Are our leaders crooks, bending the rules, using public funds to decorate their flats?

Has the whole Coronavirus sage been a total hype, and the biggest financial rip off in history?

Where has all the public’s money disappeared too?

Why is Bitcoin going up and down so furiously, when it’s actually based on thin air?

Has World War Three started already, but none of us outside the Tech industry actually noticed?

Is Elon Musk actually real?

Is the World burning down, or is this just Natures natural cleaning process?

Are the Russians just a bunch of dicks normally?

Are the Chinese secretly buying up the whole world?

Life has become astonishingly complex.

The amount of data you consume in an average week is now about 35Gb. The research suggests this is a 350% increase in 30 years. (I.e since the real start of the digital revolution.)

There’s lots of research that show that we find it harder to concentrate, it’s little wonder.
We haven’t ostensibly changed the structure of our brains for tens of thousands of years. We are trying to process faster and faster using stone-age computers! Something has to give!

With the research, has come a deeper understanding of our emotions too.
We now suffer from things we never knew even existed 30 years ago.
There’s an element of hypochondria available to anybody these days, aided by Dr Google.
A deep stomach pain can easily be diagnosed as Pancreatic Cancer, until a loud Fart clears the worry!

The more we know, these less we feel we actually know.


What we haven’t spotted is that “Information” is as addictive as Cocaine.

Our children need apps to stop them from living in a digital world, we adults just do that anyway, because we think it’s important to stay connected. (That’s just the addiction talking.)

For these reasons, I have removed Facebook (with Messenger) and Instagram from my Phone

Facebook just disturbs my equilibrium, and I only post nature on Instagram.
Facebook is just full of Triggers I don’t need, Instagram makes me view Nature through a lens, and not through my eyes.

(I’m not closing my profiles entirely, as I realise that they are valid business channels, but I don’t need the distractions.)

I spend more and more time listening, less and less time talking. (..and no time shouting or waving a clenched fist anymore!)

Did you just give up!?

Have I copped out of life?
Does this make me a burden on society, or an asset.

Nobody ever seems to get angry with Monks, except from me!
(As I say, I’ve stopped shouting at Monks too.. although this never happened anywhere but on written pages!)
I think withdrawing from Society is wrong! I think you need to be an active member of Society, it’s part of being a human.
I do however think that Society has gone too far, and is taking itself too seriously.
I now choose to interact with Society on my terms, not on it’s rules.
My protest is a quiet one, a gentle withdrawal from the digital roundabout.

I still have ideas to impart, things that have worked well for me, and may help you in some way.
You might still find them appearing in print from time to time, but I’d rather see you in person!

Silence is Golden

So, I find myself becoming more silent. I’m happier these days to be in my own company.
I have seen my ego for the idiot that it’s been. I’ve given it a good talking too, and cut it down to size.
For the most part, it obeys me these days, rather than the other way round.
The fact that it doesn’t enjoy silence, well, too bad – you’d better get used to it ego!

I’m becoming the Observer of my inner observer.
It’s a simple idea, take a step back from the craziness, and watch the noise and voices in your head.
It just takes a little practice
For me there were a few simple tools.
Just know that thoughts, like the bubbles rising in a glass of Champagne, will eventually stop arising if you are patient enough.
Just know there’s no difference between the squawk of a Seagull outside, and the squawk of a pattern in your brain that tells you off. They are just disturbances of the Qi of your brain, and should be treated with equal lack of value.

Contemplate this!

I found that my raging brain didn’t like quiet contemplation.
(Please note hear that I feel that Meditation is just another drug to keep you asleep. Fine if that’s what you want, but if you really want to awaken, then you need to be conscious in this consciousness!)
When contemplation was hard to achieve I took to “Pigeon-holing” my thoughts.
(…a thought about Planning, a thought about sex, a thought about Money, a thought about Mum, a thought about Money again…etc.. Very soon I realised the roots were few, but the “blossoms” were rich and varied variations of the same basic themes.)
When you spot your thoughts for what they actually are, you can clear them so much more easily.
Just remember, “You are NOT your thoughts”

These days, Contemplation comes more easily.
I sit quietly with myself twice a day, and try to hold that “glow” through my day.

Get Quiet

These days, my empire seems so distant.
I had planned to open a series of teaching centres across the globe, do everything in my power to spread Zhineng Qigong, and to help millions of people on their journey through social media.
Now, not so much.

If you want me to teach you, I’ll do anything I can to come.
If you want me to sit in your Centre and run class, I’d be happy.
Ask me what you need, I’m happy to be of service.

You may think me Mad, Bad or Dangerous to know, but I’m deeply happy at a Soul Level.
I have understood the building blocks of this game we play, I have understood my part in the play, and found this process to be delightful!

If you need any information, give me a shout – I’m listening!

Peace out!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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