It fascinates me to think that we believed that we could BUY peace.

The Western model of taming the Russians and the Chinese with McDonalds and Range Rovers was such a pathetic reflection of the story that we’ve all been sold.

Be a Good Boy, and we’ll give you a nice car

Do you think that Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping give a damn about your monetary system?

The Chinese have been creating a Digital version of the Yuan, their currency, which was officially launched at the beginning of 2022, but is already widely accepted in parts of Africa, where the Belt and Road building and cultural influencing programme has been in full swing for years.

Russia is being beaten with sanctions, but has been hoarding Gold for the last eight years.
They also have huge reserves of Oil and Gas.

McDonalds, Pepsi, Coco-cola and Starbuck have all withdrawn their businesses in Russia, simultaneously saving the Russian people from an early grave, and making Vladimir Putin let out a huge guffaw. I also won’t be watching the Eurovision Song Contest with a Take-away again this year, to match the last sixty other years I haven’t done this (Not in solidarity with the Russian’s, but rather just out of good taste..)

Money as your God

If you worship money, then having it taken from you might seem like the end of the world.
If however like Russia, you have a huge supply of Oil, and 2300 tonnes of Gold then it’s business as per usual..

This is a Tiger Year, and as such, we should expect a lot of Sabre rattling.
I would expect that the Ukrainian story will start to abate in the next few weeks, but take years to solve. No doubt Ukraine will have to settle for a country split in two, with Russia gaining much needed warm-water ports..

I think that we’ll see the Chinese start threatening Taiwan shortly, destabilising the South China seas, where they have been building forces for a long while.

It’s been a long time since humanity has been at the brink of extinction.
I remember the feeling well, as a young man.
I awoke one Sunday morning to the sound of an air-raid siren. I ran out into the street to see a few other fearful looking neighbours.
I decided that come what may, I’d rather pop in to kiss my son, and cuddled up in bed with my wife, so I returned to sleep.
It was a terrifying moment.

Our young people are living in the same shadow that we did during the cold war.


But what has actually changed since then?
What has actually changed since The Crusades?
What’s changed since The One Hundred Years war, The Napoleonic wars, The Boer war, the First world war (The war to end all wars) The Second world war or  The Gulf war… ?

The simple answer is that nothing has changed.

We can close our eyes, and employ some magical thinking to conjure up a new “Spiritual” race of people where “Love” is the guiding power, but at the same time “Reality” proves that we still LOVE killing and power.

If you understand Yin and Yang, then you’ll realise that the idea of World Peace is just as likely as World Destruction.
We as a race will NEVER experience world peace. We should STOP being surprised that it doesn’t occur!


There’s currently two countries slugging it out in the Balkans, with another One hundred and ninety three counties that are NOT at war in the Balkans.. ish..
A huge slice of the world is currently at peace.
In Yin and Yang theory, “no war” would be an astonishing thing.

A friend of mine posted a great post to Facebook.
“The Bankers will ensure we stay in Debt..
The Pharmaceutical companies will ensure we stay sick..
The Weapons manufacturers will ensure we keep going to war..
The Media will ensure we are prevented from knowing the Truth..
The Government will ensure all this is done legally..

If we think again of Yin and Yang, then we see that the vested interests that have always been there to some degree, will not be going away.
For every person who wants peace, there’s another person who profits from the lack of it.


Our friends Vlad, and “Xi who must be obeyed” must have looked at Britain withdrawing from the European Union, and thought to themselves “Europe has never looked so weak and in disarray – let’s start pushing our Empire agendas..”

In an extraordinary stroke of luck, Brexit that was beginning to be a disaster, as we’d thrown out all the people who actually wanted to work, suddenly gets a reprieve as we open the doors to Ukrainian refugees and offer them a three year work visa, and cheap housing!
Phew, that was close!
Look forward to lovely Ukrainian waiters, cleaners and fruit pickers coming to a job near you! (No doubt they’ll all have PHd’s that we won’t recognise – forcing them to take the jobs we don’t want to do..hohumm..)

If you upset the European apple-cart, don’t be surprised to find bruised apples and egos all over the place.

So, here we are in the twenty first century, preying for peace but still expecting war.
Don’t stop preying for peace, because it seems that we are as likely to slip to World War Three, as we are to slide into peace, it needs all the efforts of all the good people to keep us from the edge.

If you live in Britain as I do, then we should also prey for Heart, and not Money.
The UK is the casino of the world.
We say one thing and do completely another.
Roman Abramovich was welcomed with open arms, and then when it became time to actually look at who he was, he was suddenly not welcome any more.
We all know that our Government KNEW who they were getting into bed with, but they’d rather have all his dirty money floating round the UK, than in Monaco or New York.
We’ll dance with the devil at EVERY opportunity, but as they say in Scotland “if you sup with the devil use a long spoon”
I suspect that the spoon will not have been long enough to save a few careers.
When we look deeply, the truth will out, and heads will roll.


What of 2022 then, the year that it would “all get better?”
As per usual, the Yang will follow the Yin, and the Yang will return again in cycle.
Human’s move “forward” in our minds..
We live longer, we master our Biology, we create ever bigger and more impressive technologies, simultaneously presaging the next extinction event.
Be happy my friends, you are God, you are the consciousness of the Universe.
When somebody loses their temper and knocks all the pieces off the Chessboard, we can start again and play this amazing fun game of Life.
Nothing matters!
In the meantime, Smile and be happy, love your family and be kind to the dog!

Hao Le! (Means EVERYTHING is exactly as it should be right now..)
Or as a wise Singing Fish once told me – “Don’t worry, be happy now..”

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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