The Famous Recipe by Prof. Dr. Mermerski: Cures Cancer And Overweight they say!

This cure was made by the Bulgarian scientist, Professor Dr. Hristo Mermerski, and many consider it to be a revolutionary remedy that has cured thousands of cancer-sufferers. The remedy contains all the essential vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, bioactive substances, carbohydrates and vegetable fats.
Prof. Mermerski has said in his lectures. – ā€œItā€™s a food thatĀ treatsĀ the entire body, andĀ theĀ cancer in such an organism simply disappearsā€,


  • best cure against all types of cancer
  • regulates body weight
  • cleanse blood vessels
  • heals the heart
  • restores the immune system
  • cleanse the liver
  • cleanse the kidneys
  • cleanse digestive system of pathogenic microflora
  • improves brain function and memory
  • prevents heart attack and healing people survived the same
  • heals inflammation of the joints



  • 15 fresh organicĀ lemons
  • 12 heads of fresh garlic (it means 12 heads of garlic not cloves)
  • 1 kg. organic honey
  • 400 gr of sprouted grains (green wheat)
  • 400 gr of fresh walnuts


1.How to make sprouted grains:
Put 400 gr of wheat in a glass container and pour some water on it, until you cover it by a couple of inches. Leave it overnight. After 10 ā€“ 12 hours, drain the grains, rinse them, and drain them again. Leave the drained wheat in a bowl for 24 hours. Soon you will have wheat sprouts, 1-2 millimetres long.
2.Preparing the food
Grind the sprouted grains, nuts and garlic. Grind 5 lemons (with rind) and mix all together in enamel bowl. Squeeze the juice of the remaining 10 lemons and add itĀ to the rest of the mixture, mix all together until it becomes homogeneous.
Add the honey and stir with a wooden spoon, then pour the mixture into a glass container.Ā Leave it in the fridge for 3 days, and then you can start consuming it.


  • Take 2 tablespoons 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bedtime.
  • For cancerĀ treatment take 2 tablespoons every 2 hours.
  • Recipe guarantees good health and long life, preserves freshness of the body, youth and energy.

This cure contains all the essential vitamins, mineral salts, bioactive substances, proteins, carbohydrates and vegetable fats.Ā Therefore,Ā itĀ improves performancesĀ of all internal organs and glands, which keep the body healthy and cures cancer completely.
To prevent cancer you should eat 2 apples per day- says Prof. Dr. Hristo Mermerski.
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  1. Bonjour Professeur HRISTO MERMERSKI
    Je vous ecris du Maroc, je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre recette,
    vraiment c’est une recette miracle
    Je vous demande est ce que je continue de prendre la recette apres avoir terminer la dose prescrite,ou je dois attendre ? Combien de temps ?
    Merci beaucoup

      1. Green wheat is the wheat berries picked up before they ripe.
        I just received mine from Jordan. Ordered through, the only place I could find.
        The shipping takes forever, but I think is worthy it. I read that green wheat is much more nutritious.
        Good luck!

  2. Seems good, easy to make and cheap too. Everthing almost available in every kitchen.
    Thanks Dr. Mermersky

    1. Great healing tool Hristo Memerski wanted a healthy natural alternative for major illness & disease so enjoy

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