Today I’m suffering from Over-whelm!

Here in the UK we have a new Prime Minister. Every news channel is using the phrase, “one of the first items in her inbox will be…” – sadly the items are not all the same one thing!

The cost-of-living crisis, the war in Ukraine, the state of the National Health System, the multiple Strikes from a massively unhappy and underpaid workforce occupy the headlines, but there’s many more “Broken Britain” crises just under the surface.

Tonight, nearly eight billion of us will want our supper. This problem will not go away by breakfast the next morning. If anything, it’ll be getting more acute.

Unfortunately, Greed stalks the land.


There’s a game psychologists play.
Five people site round a table with piles of gambling chips in front of them.
One puts a chip on the table, the rest follow suit in turn, and so the games continue.
Nobody knows the rules. When the next person sees what the last did, he’ll obligingly follow suit.
What nobody knows is that one person is a stooge. After the game of co-operation is happily flowing, the stooge will suddenly remove all his chips, or take somebody else’s chips.
Chaos ensues. Society breaks..

In Russia, Mr Putin is claiming that “in the past” something belonged to Russia, and so now they want it back. This is the stooge in the game. He decided to break society, and chaos ensues.


Our old friends the Vikings, from whom I am no doubt descended, are a great case in point.
The fertile plains of Scandinavia saw the numbers of these folk rocket in a short period of time, as they organised, farmed and built their society.
Eventually this success required them to look farther afield for new resources..
Suddenly, everywhere was fair-game for them. They even seem to have discovered Canada long before anybody else, but found it a little distasteful and left shortly afterwards!
(The Beavers heaved a huge sigh of relief.. for a thousand years…)

It’s a simple equation, the more people you have, the more they want, the more they put pressure on their leader to get it.
This is also a great lie in some cases.
Greed and corruption can easily be dressed up, as “Looking after the needs of my people” – as we see reflected in the gold bath taps of Saddam Hussein’s many palaces or Imelda Marcos’ shining shoe collection!

It’s easy for leaders to have grand views and to fire off edicts and commands.
It’s easy for Generals to fire off commands and rockets.
This chain absolves everybody.
The Leader didn’t “pull the trigger” – The General “was only acting on orders..”

Professor Klaus Schwab

It strikes me that I should probably highlight a certain “gentleman” called Prof. Klaus Schwab who is the Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

After the Pandemic, he called for “The Great Reset” – essentially a revolutionary way of running the world, where more power is handed to businesses, and government becomes less powerful. The government of many countries are now being run by people hand-picked by Professor Schwab anyway.

The most notable past favourites being Tony Blair, Angela Merkel and even Vladimir Putin.
The current crop of leaders number amongst them Emmanuel Macron, Carlos Alvarado Quesada – President of Costa Rica, Jacinda Ardern – Prime Minister of New Zealand, Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada, Alexander De Croo – Prime Minister of Belgium and Volodymyr Zelenskyy – President of Ukraine (…Who is currently engaged in fighting the Third Great Oil war on behalf of The United States of Profitability)

This Great Reset

This Great Reset idea is dismissed generally as a conspiracy theory
To be fair, any question that politicians don’t wish to answer is now classes as a Conspiracy Theory.
 (Essentially, “You are conspiring to make me tell the truth about my shady dealings..” and therefore you are a Conspiracy Theorist – or “You have an accurate theory about my conspiracies..)
Many Conspiracy Theorists  commonly cite Ida Auken’s article on what a potential 2030 would look like, as well as a 2016 World Economic Form video in which the said article was presented alongside other predictions for 2030 and summarized as “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy. Whatever you want you’ll rent and it’ll be delivered by drone”

It’s pretty straightforward to me.
Put your hands UP, if you feel that businesses for profit are looking after your daily needs?
No? I didn’t think so…
(All the greedy shareholders put your hands down!)
The new rallying cry is now Wealth before Health!

Key to this is the fact that Klaus Schwab is not saying WE’LL all have nothing and be happy, but rather YOU’LL all have nothing and be happy
It’s clear that there still a planned paternal ruling elite, but now on a global scale, and YOU are not invited.

“They” are watching you!

They have your Data, they know who you voted for, what religion you are, what your sexual preference is, how your nuclear family looks, what your taste in music, book and sport is, what paper you read, what drugs you depend on, and what your snoring sounds like when you sleep. They watch you on CCTV all day everyday, and they invite you to install your own spying devices into your own home, and PAY for the privilege – Alexa, stop listening!!

But, and there is a BUT!

There’s a place you can go, and a way you can be that’s an antidote to it all!
You guessed it!
Go Inside!
Work “In” every day not work “out”

Spend time in deep contemplation, and shortly you’ll find that it’s difficult to tell if you are watching the latest soap, or the evening news!
You soon come to realise that NONE of this actually matters at all!

So many of our religions and spiritual paths have told us that it’s very difficult to find the top of the mountain. The truth is that you have always been there.
How can you attain something that you have already have!

It’s like a trusty pair of reading glasses.
When you finally put them on, everything comes into focus at last.


As you know, I think Meditation is a great tool to quieten the mind and tame the escaped horses. But Contemplation is the real tool.
Sit quietly,
Examine yourself.
Ask yourself – Who am I?
When I speak, who speaks?
When I think, who thinks?

Try to experience yourself as the Trueself, as the grounds of all consciousness.
Then have a jolly good laugh

Love, love and more love as always!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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