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The surprising discovery by the Russians explains many “paranormal” phenomena… Russian scientists reprogrammed human DNA using words and frequencies. Genetics has finally explained previously mysterious phenomena like clairvoyance… intuition… recovery… the “supernatural” light… Aura… and so on .

The discovery was made by Russian scientists who dared to enter DNA territory that Western researchers couldn’t explore. Western scientists have limited their research to 10% of our DNA, the part responsible for building proteins. They considered the remaining 90% of DNA as genetic “waste”.

On the contrary, a group of Russian scientists, led by biophysicist and molecular biologist Pyotr Garyaev, decided that so much of DNA could only contain valuable information. To explore the mysteries of this unexplored continent, they teamed up with linguists and geneticists to conduct an unusual study aimed at testing the effects of vibration and words on human DNA.

They discovered something completely unexpected: Data is stored in our DNA the same way it is stored in a computer’s memory. Furthermore, it turns out that our genetic code uses grammar and syntax rules in a way that is very close to human language! They also discovered that even DNA base pairs structures follow rules of grammar and syntax. Seems like all our human languages are just verbalizations of our DNA.

Changing DNA with spoken words and phrases!

The most surprising discovery a group of scientists has made is that living human DNA can be modified and rearranged by spoken words and phrases. The key to changing DNA with words and phrases lies in using the right frequency. Using radio frequencies and modulated light frequencies, the Russians have been able to influence cellular metabolism and even correct genetic defects. Using frequencies and language the group did amazing results. For example, they have succeeded in transferring patterns of information from one DNA set to another. Eventually, they were even able to reprogram cells for a different genome, without scalpel, without making a single cut, they turned frog embryos into salamander embryos.

The work of Russian scientists provides a scientific explanation for why suggestion and hypnosis have such a powerful effect on people. Our DNA is naturally programmed to “respond” to words. Esoterists and spiritual leaders have always known this. All forms of suggestion and “thinking energy” are largely based on this phenomenon.

The study conducted by Russian scientists also helps explain why these mysterious methods do not work equally well for all who use them. Because a good ‘communication’ with DNA requires the right frequency, people with developed internal processes are more able to consciously create a ‘communication’ channel with DNA.

People with developed consciousness will need fewer devices (for using radio or light frequencies). Scientists believe that with the development of consciousness, people will be able to achieve results merely by using their words and thoughts.

DNA and intuition: how intuition works and why humans can now use it.

Russian scientists also discovered the genetic basis of intuition — or, as it’s also known, “hypercommunication.” Hypercommunication is a term used to describe a situation where a person suddenly receives information from an external source, not from their personal knowledge base. Nowadays, this phenomenon has become increasingly rare. This is probably due to the fact that the three major factors that inhibit hypercommunication (tension, anxiety, and brain hyperactivity) have become extremely common.

For some living beings, like ants, hypercommunication is closely “woven” into their daily existence. Did you know that when the “Queen” of ants is physically removed from the colony, her “subjects” continue to work and build according to plan? However, if she is killed, all work stops immediately. Obviously, as long as the “Queen” of ants is alive, she has access to the consciousness of her colony members through hypercommunication.

Now that Russian scientists have discovered the biological foundations of hypercommunication, people will likely be able to make up the lost skill, they can learn how to use it again. Scientists have discovered that our DNA can create what’s called “magnetic worm holes.” These “wormholes” are miniature versions of the bridges that form near-extinct stars (they’re called the Einstein-Rosen Bridges).

The Einstein-Rosen bridges connect different regions of the universe and allow for the transmission of information beyond space and time. If we could consciously activate and manage these connections, then we could use our DNA to transmit and receive information from the universe’s data network. We could also reach out to other members of the network.

The results of Russian scientists and researchers are so revolutionary that it is simply impossible to believe. At present we already have isolated examples of people using certain methods, at least to some extent. For example, those who excel in healing or telepathy. According to many scientists who are actively interested in Russian DNA research, the results of these studies reflect important changes occurring with our Earth, Sun, and Galaxy. These changes affect human DNA and the development of human consciousness in ways we can only fully understand in a distant future.

(source: Russia Vedic Group, Russia).

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