I’ve been feeling upset by the killing of Khashoggi.
It triggered all sorts of patterns within me, making me look at what was going on within.
How could a country do that to a guy, what if that happened to me in China, why isn’t life fair, how do I feel about my death, it always comes back to death ultimately..
If you subscribe to the idea of re-incarnation, then you can get a little closer to the seemingly meaninglessness of death.
The teenagers killed in car crash, the 3 year old child with Leukaemia, the brilliant young student who dies on a night out, the twenty-something taking his own life because life is just so meaningless, the loving father knifed for a few quid, the beautiful mother dying from breast cancer,  the perfect grandfather dying of prostate cancer, the perfect grandmother with dementia slipping away too young.
I think the standard definition of Reincarnation, doesn’t really hit it these days.
Science and ancient wisdom seem to be concluding the same, that we aren’t really even ever here!
Strange to say, even stranger to think about.
I’m beginning to subscribe to the theory that we are consciousness, we are god – as every major religion has told us.
The model that seems to be forming from our scientific studies, and our centuries of self-searching is that we are “astral projections”,
and that we are “beamed into” this body, much the same way as your TV set shows you a programme. When you take a baseball bat to your TV, does that stop the show being broadcast!? (Sometimes I wish it would!!)
Using this perspective produces a startlingly different viewpoint from which to see death then.
Suddenly we could view this life in the same way that we see our cars. When they get a bit knackered, then maybe it’s time to change them? They’ve done a useful mileage, hauled people and things all over the country, and now need to be scrapped for recycling!
(Occasionally a classic car goes on for much longer – think of these stories that come out of the far-east about people who live for 200-300 years or more!)
For the more average car – perhaps like you and I, it’s just time for scrapping. We don’t see families lined up in the scrap yard beside the crusher, throwing in roses, and sobbing their hearts out. “I shall deliver the Eulogy to our family Skoda”
For me the Khashoggi story made me ask why life is so unfair, helping me to see the constant trigger embedded deeply in me by my lovely father “be fair now Jeremy..”. I now realise that nothing is fair, and that I shouldn’t “hurt myself” getting upset when they prove this to me..
My anger at other people and other countries for not matching my expectations has to be quietened down too. I now see that I can only control myself. I understand that we are all deeply connected. What I do to me, I do to you too.. so best I make myself the best Jeremy there can be, and know deep inside that this DOES make the world a better place.
It’s up to me to be a BIG rock dropped into the pond, not just a tiny pebble.
There’s one final part to this story – “What are we all doing here anyway?” – The suggestion is that consciousness, God, The Universe, whatever you wish to call it, uses this 3D existence to experience itself. Just imagine, is you were really one-dimensional you wouldn’t really be doing much as such!
So we project ourselves into these lives, and expand the Universe’s information as we go along. Think of yourself as an explorer moving through the jungle, noting each path, mapping each journey to better inform others who come along behind you. (Sadly, there are so many paths, some wrong, some right, if only there were a definitive path! But wouldn’t that be boring!?)
There’s this idea, that we chose our life’s work before we project into this existence. We move from being, to non-being, in a continuous cycle. It seems however that just as we spend time in being, we can also spend time (although I don’t think “Time” actually exists in that dimension!) in a state of non-being. It’s like a re-boot or a review of our last life. I think we are all familiar with the concept of “seeing our live flash before our eyes”, so often in religions, from the Pharaohs onwards we read about Judgement day etc..
It seems much more benign than that, why wouldn’t it be in a Universe driven by LOVE!?
Before starting again, you join you “family” to review how you did, how the connections between you all worked, and what can be learned for the next shift!
Armed with your new information, you beam back in again for life 3042.
It’s a Universe of free will, so you can choose to do what you like.
Some of us totally forget our life’s work, some remember, but are too scared or lazy to do anything about it, some of us grab it with both hands, and live it with gusto!! (Are you “lying on the couch of life, with a box of chocolates and a remote control, watching other people doing their life’s work?)
So to Change Bringers. When you drop the rock of your life in the pond of our world, will there be a huge splash, or a tiny “plink” –
Don’t forget that no matter the size, the waves WILL wash all the way to the shore.
You don’t have to give up your life to make a tidal wave of change, but some people evidently do decide to do this. Our friend Jamal Khashoggi was one, the people in the Twin Towers, the brave folk shot in schools, the people who die of chemotherapy. Perhaps it’s now possible to see these brave souls, as Change Bringers. Souls who have decided to use their lives to effect change.
These deaths never pass without the ripple effect being felt by others all over the world. Think of the catastrophic deaths of millions of Jews, Chinese, Europeans and Africans over the centuries through war and famine.
So often the sacrifices lead to great change.
Sometime it feels like change that we don’t like. But don’t judge, and you’ll never be mistaken as Rousseau said. Your “bad” is somebody else’s “good” – the wheel of Yin and Yang keeps spinning. The only guarantee IS that things will change. You’d better get used to it, and stop clinging on so tightly!
Are you fulfilling your role as you promised your soul you would? Are you striving to be the best possible you that you can be?
Well good then…
Have a happy life (Whatever the answer was!)

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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