In the Early 2000’s I trained with Jerry Alan Jonson’s school, that was then called The International Institute of Medical Qigong.
Jerry had studied Martial Arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years, and had become some-what of a specialist in Qigong after spending time in China.
He returned to the USA, to set up his own school, and went on to pen an exceptional tome (Now in five large volumes!) which includes an immense amount of information about Qigong and Self-healing.

I studied this in the UK, and qualified as a Teacher and a Healer.
The school “dissolved” in the UK, meaning that I could never finally specialise and become a Doctor of Medical Qigong! (Close… but no cigar!)

The system taught us full Chinese diagnostic systems, with a heavy leaning towards the Five Elements.
There were thousands of interventions and Exercises routines which had been specifically tested and proven to be effective in various Universities in China, from a period of the 50’s through to 1999 (after which Qigong fell out of favour, after one school – [not mine!] flew a little too close to the “Political Sun!”)
Disappearing from the Universities in China, it continued to be taught in the West, and I was lucky enough to benefit from, and continue this lineage.

I practiced Medical Qigong with my students for a few years, until I took my next developmental step with the discovery of Zhineng Qigong.
There’s never anything truly new in our World, things evolve.
We are constantly “Standing in the Shoulders of Giants”
Dr Pang, the founder of Zhineng Qigong worked with 19 Grand Masters of Qigong, before developing Zhineng style.
He studied in the very systems that created Medical Qigong…
The One is very much an evolution of the other.
I’m fortunate to hold the lineage of both here in the UK.

Recently, Qigong has filtered back into the public domain in China.
There’s a University that has started teaching it again as part of their Chinese Medicine medicine course.
Interestingly, they are using a version of Zhineng Qigong as their Medical Qigong course offering.
Seems that the two strands of my study have come full circle!

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