The Link below will take you to my Google Questionnaire. If you answer the questions, this can form the basis of a One-to-One therapy session with me Online, or in Bath.

Please fill out your Email Address, Name and spontaneous responses to the questions. (DON’T OVERTHINK YOUR REPLIES!)
At the end (hopefully about 15 minutes or less…) you’ll see the SUBMIT button. By pressing this, you’ll email your answers to me, and give me your tacit permission to keep this information (safely) for use in our consultation sessions.

N.B – You mayNEED to have a Google username and password to use the form. (Same thing you use for Gmail or Youtube) If you don’t have one, please sign-up for one, or email me to see how we can continue..

I agree – Take me to the Questions!

Book a session with Jeremy Colledge without answering questions ( or repeat consultations)